Stirling and Hot Air Engine Sites

Here is a hodge-podge collection of Stirling and heat engine links accumulated through the years. If you don't find yours please don't be offended. Inclusion and exclusion is completely random. This list is not sorted, except for the grouping of links to low temperature differential (LTD) sites at the bottom of the page.

Hint: You can use your browser to search for a link on this page. For instance, if you are looking for "Lake Itasca," press Ctrl-F, type Itasca in the blank field, then press Enter. Your browser will take you to "Itasca," if it is on the page.

Jerry Howell's Site (Outstanding) Mick Collins' Stm. & Stirling (V. Good)
Rice & Egge Little Engine Pages Stirling Engine Society, USA
Hot Air Engine Society
Stirling Technology, Inc. A Novel Stirling Engine To Build
More Stirling links WrenchTEN's Study of Ext Comb Eng
Stirling Engine (Excellent--Japan) A Stirling Engine Mecca
The Little Engine Pages Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers
Hot Air, Caloric and Stirling Engines (Robert Sier's site) Swiss Stirling Society
Bailey Craftsman Supply PM Research
The Stirling Outlet (dashpots) External Combustion Engines
Stirling Foundation Austria Quiet Revolution Motor Company
Lief's Home Page (Sweden) Stirling Daniel Lyonnet's site (France) Stirling
Stirling and Hot Air Engine Ring Gambit Modellmaschinen
Free Breeze Fan Compendium of Solar Dish/Stirling Tech. Page
Process Plan for Stirling Engine Stirling Engine Photo Gallery
Steffen Tschirch's Stirling (A beauty) E. Schmidt Stirlingmotor
Stirling-powered tractor Animated engines
American Stirling Company Stirling Machine World
Stirling Books from Camden Study Group Stirling (Good)
Dave Croft's Hot Air Page Stirling Engine Links
Allan Organ's Stirling book Laken's Stirling & Steam Engine Site
Stirling Engines & Other Hot Air Engines (Boak) Jon Bondy's Stovetop Ringbom
1895 Robinson Patent Hot Air Engine DS Stirling Cycle Page (Outstanding)
G Weaver Stirling Page P-19 Stirling (Ultra-low Delta T)
Syl's Engines Stirling Links (Weaver)
Stirling Links (Lahman) Debono's Model Engines Page
ST 05 G Stirling Engine 300 - 500 Watt Stirling Engine Models
Ron Steele Stirling - Steele Engine
Moving Cylinder Stirling Engine Stirling Engine Boat Page
Tin Can Stirling Engine Stirling Engineer's Notebook
10-kW Solar Dish/Stirling Stirling Engine and Steam Engine
SOLO Stirling Whisper Tech Limited
Uwe Moch Stirling Engines 2X Moryia Fan
Universitšt Kassel Stirling SW Regional Hot Air Meet
Will Rausch's Stirling Engine Links Stirling Numerical Analysis Program
Buster Brown Hot Air Engines Manson Engine-Builder's Notebook
Animated Mechanisms Let's Build a Can Stirling Engine
Solar Stirling Simple Performance Prediction Method for Stirling Engine
Dirt Simple Stirling New Simplified Heat Engine
Stirling Engine Configurations Building a model R-E engine
The Stirling Engine Society Home Made Stirling Engines
Tamin Enterprises R.M. Bailey Stirling pictures
Dave's Miser Stirling Engine Orrin's Miser
David Carroll's LTD engine A Novel Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engine To Build [LTD]
A Low Temperature Stirling Engine by Penn Clower Airpot Corporation (Dashpots for LTD engines)
The Stirling Outlet (dashpots) Coffee Cup Engine Kit
Steam & Engine of Australia Stirling Page Dietmar's Stirling (LTD)
Lathe & Mill Projects (Nice Miser)


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